About us

The Digital Challenge

Digitalisation is all around us, taking new forms and offering new possibilities and business opportunities.  At the same time our cites are seeing new challenges with larger numbers of rodents than ever.


In early 2016 Arctic Systems was founded by pest control expert Rune Barslund and product developer Alistair Morton, with a  vision for a poison free rodent control system.  Since then Arctic System’s focus has been to build the best user focused platform for industries to monitor their own rodent activities in and around their own sites.

Arctic Systems have focused on the user, creating a good work flow and giving the users the tools and information they need to work professionally. Using some of the best innovative minds and partners in Scandinavia our ambition is to be number one. 


During the last 2 years our RATMO device testing has taken us to the US, Africa and northern Europe, testing in extreme conditions, including live tests at -22 Deg C.  Back in the lab our devices have been tested with up to 3000 empty snaps stressing the electronics and plastics to the extreme.  A military drop test featuring 26 drops from 1.2m to a hard surface, on all corners, edges and sides was also passed with flying colours.


Municipalities, councils, industries and private companies now have an option to own and run their own system, with full control and overview of rodent activity and technician’s activities.


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