RATMO Smart Trap

Introducing our RATMO smart trap developed by Arctic Systems. A time-saving solution that reduces rodent populations sustainably. Having originated in Denmark, RATMO® is now a global player in the battle against rodents. Join us and become a part of the digital revolution.

RATMO® is your 24/7 smart solution for pest control

RATMO smart trap and App
The Arctic Systems App & Ratmo Smart Trap device

The RATMO® smart trap is conveniently controlled through the Arctic Systems App, offering easy online management. Now, you have the capability to monitor your existing rat traps around the clock, enabling efficient scheduling for cost-effective rodent control. This innovative technology eliminates unnecessary trips to trap locations, ultimately saving time and transportation resources.

RATMO Smart trap mounted on snap trap

The smart trap from Arctic Systems is compatible with all major snap traps and cage traps available on the market. The snap trap seamlessly attaches to the RATMO®, creating a highly durable mounting, and any damaged snap traps can be effortlessly replaced.

RATMO smart trap outside in RBS

The RATMO® smart trap device can be positioned both indoors and outdoors within a rodent bait station (RBS).

RATMO® smart trap is sustainable & non-toxic

Our mission

RATMO® embodies a non-toxic and eco-friendly approach, aligning with multiple official UN Sustainable Development Goals. Through its use of organic bait in lieu of harmful poisons, RATMO® minimizes the release of rodenticides into the environment, thereby preventing secondary poisoning of humans, birds, and other animals. Additionally, the RATMO® solution contributes to lower carbon dioxide emissions by reducing transportation requirements. This stands as our mission and commitment.

RATMO® offers complete in-house data control and reporting capabilities

RATMO Terminale and App

RATMO® presents municipalities, pest controllers, and private companies with the opportunity to possess and operate their personalized digital pest control system. Through RATMO®, comprehensive in-house control is enabled, along with an online overview of rodent activity and technicians’ tasks. This newfound insight assists in strategizing the most effective means of combating what has often been an obscure and unrecorded challenge.

How does the RATMO® smart trap work?

View the brief video to discover the functionality of the RATMO® system.

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