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With our RATMO IoT monitoring trap you save time and reduce the number of rodents in a sustainable manner. Join us and be part of the digital revolution.

RATMO device
RATMO is your 24/7 digital solution for pest control

We combine digitalisation and pest control and bring new smart methods into play. By using the RATMO Smart City Platform together with our RATMO IoT monitoring device, you can now monitor rat traps 24/7 and plan effective routines for rodent control.

RATMO is your Sustainable & non-toxic solution

RATMO is a non-toxic and sustainable solution that supports the global trend about prohibiting rodenticides and avoiding secondary poisoning (people, birds and animals). The RATMO solution supports the increasing health, hygiene and environmental focus and uses organic bait instead of poison.

RATMO provides full in-house control

With RATMO, municipalities, pest controllers and private companies now have an option to own and run their own digital pest control system. RATMO provides full in-house control and online overview of rodent activity as well as technicians’ working activities. This new insight helps planning the most efficient way to combat, what in many cases has been an unclear and undocumented battle.

How does it work?

Watch the short video to learn how the RATMO system works.


Push Messages, Release March 2019.

Another welcome feature we have rolled out this year is push messaging. This feature was top of our users wish list in 2018, so we are really looking forward to hearing the feedback on this one.  Push messaging can be turned on or off under settings in the Smart City App, there are also options to have the messaging turned off in the evening, or during the night, to allow some well earned rest and relaxation for the service staff.

Our push messaging works via the app, so for those of you with a smart watch you can look forward to a little on the wrist update too!

Statistics Module Release Feb. 2019

We are happy to have released an upgrade to our Smart City Web Terminal, giving a better graphical overview of rodents caught over time, client and locations activity levels, site visit cadence & trap effectiveness.  This collection of information is already revealing seasonal trends for our clients, as well as revealing the effectivity of current IPM solutions.  Gone are the days of monthly reports, with these new statistics, live data is at your fingertips! 

High Tech Summit Copenhagen 2018Hightech-Summit-1200x775

( Oct. 2018 ) Come and visit us at the High Tech Summit at DTU on the 10th and 11th of October.  The Summit will be opened by Prime Minister Lars Løkke on the 10th.  We will be presenting a Key Note on the 11th about RATMO and the digitalisation of the pest control industry.

IBM Think Vegas


(April 2018) Arctic Systems and our Partner MobilePeople are attending IBM Think in Las Vegas this week from Monday to Thursday. MobilePeople have developed the software behind our revolutionary Ratmo IoT-rat trap device that runs on IBM Cloud. The World is watching this innovation because it’s the first trap device with machine learning and artificial intelligence algorithms, providing a new level of rodent control data via Arctic Systems’ Smart City Platform.

Køge Council Sign up for trail


NEWS – 27 Feb. 2018  Køge Council signs with Arctic Systems for a unique rodent control pilot project. 

The council’s focus is a more effective use of resources as well as the environmental benefits of a poison free program.   The digital platform from Arctic Systems will allow for data collection showing the time, location and feeding habits of each rodent caught.  Seen in a larger perspective this data and trend mapping will give new insights and understanding of rodent behaviour. This will allow the council to counter-act any rodent problems more effectively in the future.

Read more about it here.