For many centuries mankind has dealt with pests through the use of poisons. While effective, these toxins enter the food chain causing death to other animals up the food chain.  Even though the industry has done its best to avoid the secondary poisoning, a simple fact of life is, toxins in the environment cause collateral damage.

A second challenge to the industry is trapping and control methods are labour intensive leading to varying quality and accountability.

Arctic Systems are focused on creating solutions to remove these toxins from the environment around us and increase the effectivity of pest control officers in the field.

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The Environment Matters

Arctic Systems is a Danish company dedicated to creating smart non-toxic pest control solutions for the global players in the pest control industry.

Arctic System’s ambition is to bring pest and rodent levels down to the levels of almost zero, as seen in the Arctic and Antarctic areas of the planet.

With a synergy between industry experts, science teams and product development experts, Arctic System’s aim is to be first movers with innovative, hi-tech, cost effective solutions.

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If you have any questions about our technology, please give us a call our drop us a line.

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