Integrated Pest Management Platforms

Facility management.

Site maintenance can now include pest control duties.  Our system is designed with the facility manager in mind.  With some simple training and our facility management platform site owners can control their own pest control issues. We  are working with Local Councils, allowing our platform to minimise the paper work involved in rodent control.

Food and pharmaceutical industry

Food and Pharma industries are ever increasingly required to document and monitor their processes.  Given that some sites can be closed at the mere sight of a rodent, it is critical that these rodents are kept out of buildings and factories.

With the our Integrated Pest Management system we are able to set perimeter monitoring systems up, as well as setting up internal monitoring systems that give a message the second the trap is activated or tampered with.  Our team are also able to develop specific API’s to allow integration into clients quality and monitoring systems.


Every year rodents destroy millions of Dollars worth of infrastructure and food crops.  The losses covered by insurance companies are immense.  We are working together with companies in the insurance industry to monitor intrusion leading to preventative measures before damage is done.

Pest Control Industry

A poison free future is the future we are creating for our children’s generation.  Guided by legislation the Pest Control industry is moving to a greener way of thinking.

The Arctic Systems’s pest control platform provides pest control operators with a new business model to deliver a smarter non-toxic solution for their clients.  Our implementation of AI and machine learning to assist in for example rodent identification is just one of the tools that will help pest control officers create a better picture of rodent infestations. Developed by Arctic Systems in collaboration with our partners.