A Smart City Solution

The RATMO® smart trap device from Arctic Systems is a Smart City Solution. Technology and digitalisation is replacing manpower intensive processes. Furthermore, cost effectiveness is becoming an easy target to fulfil.

With Arctic Systems Smart City solution it is now possible for municipalities and private companies to administer their own poison-free rodent control. Now every municipality and other companies can have a consolidated smart system with full access to all their data. This allowing them to see, when and where the rodent activity is increasing. 

Artificial intelligence and machine learning

The Arctic System platform includes artificial intelligence and machine learning algorithms. Uniquely, these features automatically is analysing the data generated by the RATMO® Smart Traps and users in the field. The online Web Terminal powered by IBM Watson is using the analysed dato to generating transparent reporting. Data frames such as catchment areas, time of catch, temperature at catch, and preferred baits is providing customers with a new picture of rodent life.

Equally important, the super users are having full access to the administration system with live updates on rodent activity. They will be able to plan working routes and have full overview of rodent activity 24/7. 

The Smart City App

Moreover, your own technical team is equipped with the Smart City App. Maps, addresses, and routes are all available to show which traps need to be checked and where rodents are caught. As soon as a RATMO® smart trap device register a snap, the device sends a real-time message to your smart phone.