A Smart City Solution

The RATMO® smart trap device by Arctic Systems represents a Smart City Solution, where technology and digitization are supplanting labor-intensive methods. Additionally, achieving cost-effectiveness has become readily attainable.

Through Arctic Systems’ Smart City solution, municipalities and private enterprises can now autonomously manage rodent control without resorting to toxic substances. This empowers each municipality and company to access a comprehensive smart system that provides full data accessibility. This enables them to monitor spikes in rodent activity, pinpointing the time and location of such occurrences.

Artificial intelligence and machine learning

The Arctic System platform incorporates advanced technologies like artificial intelligence and machine learning algorithms. Notably, these features autonomously analyze data sourced from both the RATMO® Smart Traps and field users. The online Web Terminal, powered by IBM Watson, utilizes the analyzed data to generate transparent reports. Data points, including catchment areas, time of catch, temperature at capture, and preferred baits, furnish customers with fresh insights into rodent behavior.

Moreover, super users are granted complete access to the administrative system, replete with real-time updates on rodent activity. This empowers them to strategize work routes efficiently while maintaining a comprehensive 24/7 overview of rodent behavior.

The Smart City App

Furthermore, your dedicated technical team is equipped with the Smart City App, which offers maps, addresses, and routes to indicate traps requiring inspection and the locations of caught rodents. Once a RATMO® smart trap device detects a snap, it promptly sends a real-time notification to your smartphone.