The Smart City Platform

With the Smart City platform from Arctic Systems it is now possible for municipalities and councils, to administer their own poison-free rodent control.

By employing Arctic System’s digital platform and RATMO devices, municipalities can utilise their existing inventory of traps. Now every municipality has the opportunity to have a consolidated system with full access to all the data, allowing them to see when and where the rodent activity is increasing.  This new insight will help plan the most efficient way to combat what has been in many cases an unclear and undocumented battle.


The Arctic Systems platform includes artificial intelligence and machine learning algorithms, to automatically analyse the data generated by the RATMOs and users in the field.

Data frames such as catchment areas, time of catch, temperature at catch, seasonal variance, preferred baits etc will provide the municipalities a new picture of rodent life.  This will give new advantages in the favour of the municipality and its ability to improve its own strategies in the fight against rodents.

The municipality’s super users will have full access to the administration system with live updates on rat activity, and can plan working routes and have full overview of rat activity 24/7.

The municipality’s own technical team are equipped with the Smart City App where maps, addresses, and routes are all available to show which traps need checking and where dead rodents are to be collected.


If the municipality wishes to use an external private pest control company, such companies can be entered into the administration system to ensure quality assurance in the fight against rats.

All RATMOs have their own unique ID and it is clear to see which user has emptied a trap and where, giving full clarity and traceability for quality control purposes.

With this new technology there will be no wasted visits to trap locations.  There will be better overview of where and how to use the municipality’s finances effectively, and best of all for the environment – RATMO is 100 percent non-toxic