Our Mission

Arctic Systems mission is to focus on the user, creating a good workflow, and giving the users the tools and information, they need to work professionally. Furthermore, we use some of the best innovative minds and partners worldwide, and it is our ambition to be the number one provider of green, sustainable, and smart solutions for pest control.

We believe in a healthy, safe, and pest-free environment and with Arctic Systems RATMO® solution, municipalities and private companies support several of the official UN Goals for Sustainable Development.

Our Mission supports the UN Goals for Sustainable Development

Our Mission Life On Land

Life on Land. RATMO® supports the Eco systems and biological diversity. RATMO® uses organic and non-toxic bait to combat rodents, which reduces the use of rodenticides in nature. This decreases the risk of secondary poisoning for people, birds, and animals.

Good Health and Well-being. Decreasing the use of rodenticides by using organic bait reduces the risk of injuries and diseases caused by chemicals.

Sustainable cities and communities. Cities are growing and give rise to increasing pest population. RATMO® helps combat rodents in an effective and sustainable manner by using technology and data.

Climate action. RATMO® helps reducing carbon dioxide emissions. With the RATMO® technology optimal routes for transportation can be planned, and there will be no wasted visits to trap locations. This saves transportation and reduces carbon dioxide emissions.