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In early 2016, Arctic Systems was established in Denmark by pest control expert Rune Barslund and product developer Alistair Morton. Their shared vision was to create a poison-free rodent control system that was both effective and user-friendly. Since its inception, Arctic Systems has remained committed to developing the finest user-centric smart city platform. This platform empowers industries to monitor rodent activities within and around their respective sites.

Over the past years, our RATMO® project has led us to regions including the USA, Middle East, Africa, and Northern Europe. Here, we’ve conducted testing under extreme conditions, including live tests spanning temperatures from +50°C to -22°C.

Back in the laboratory, our devices undergo rigorous testing involving up to 3000 empty snaps, subjecting the electronics and plastic components to the utmost stress.

Furthermore, a military drop test was conducted, entailing 28 drops from a height of 1.2 meters onto a hard surface, targeting all corners, edges, and sides. Impressively, the units successfully withstood these tests without encountering any issues.

Rune and Alistair
Rune Barslund & Alistair Morton
RATMO Prototype
RATMO® Prototype

Sustainability is the core of Our Mission

Honors and Awards

Since 2018, Arctic Systems has garnered numerous honors and awards for our IoT RATMO® device. We take great pride in our partnership with IBM and are equally thrilled to be recognized as a Leading Innovator in Pest Control Technology.


Scandinavian Business Awards 2022, EU Business News

We are delighted to announce that Arctic Systems affirms their status as an industry leader by winning the Scandinavian Business Awards 2022 as Leading Innovator of Pest Control Technology, EU Business News

Read the article about RATMO in EU Business News Q4/22 – Get Rid of That Rodent (page 13).

Rune & Alistair with Award
Alistair Morton & Rune Barslund with Scandinavian Business Award Trophy
Ajman 2020
Winner Ajman Pest Control Forum Exhibition, 2021
Danish Tech Challenge
Arctic Systems got to the final of the Danish Tech Challenge 2020
IBM Business Partner
Winner IBM Business partner of the year, 2018

The Team

Alistair Morton
Alistair Morton, CEO
Jens Hammering
Jens Hammering, Partner
Rune Barslund, CEO
Rune Barslund, Partner
Louise Holm Pedersen
Louise Holm, Admin & Support